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About IQAC:

The IQAC of our Institution is established in 2014 for improvement in quality education. The IQAC office is located at ground floor. It is furnished with all required facilities with internet. IQAC meetings are conducted in either principal chamber or in IQAC office.

Sr. No. Name of the Co-Ordinator Position & Subject Duration
1 Dr.V.G. Gore Assistant Professor of English Nov. 2014 to Dec.2015
2 Dr.I.G. Shere Assistant Professor of Electronics Dec.2015 to Sept.2017
3 Dr.V.G. Gore Assistant Professor of English Sept 2017 to Dec.2017
4 Dr.I.G. Shere Assistant Professor of Electronics Dec.2017 to July 2019
5 Dr.N.S. Hungund Assistant Professor of Mathematics July 2019 to Nov 2020
6 Dr.V.G. Gore Assistant Professor of English Dec 2020 to till date


Bharat Liberal Education Society was established in 1972with the motto “satyam shivam sundarm” by Adv. Madhavrao Patil a reknowned personality in udgir. To provide education to the masses in and around udgir, the society initiated with Sangram Smarak Primary and Secondary School.Institution established Shri Havagiswami Mahavidyalaya, udgir in 1972 to facilitate these students with higher education

1. To provide quality education to the students of all caste, creed and gender.
2. To inculcate values in students and enable them to acquire adequateskills and techniques      to face challenges of modern era.
3. To empower the students with new areas of knowledge andcreativity.
4. To encourage students to face the challenges of changing scenarioand be aresponsible      citizen of the nation.


1. To impart value based education to the students.
2. To create awareness about community and social development and National integration      through activities of NSS and NCC.
3. To achieve holistic development of students though curricular andExtra-curricular      activities.
4. To cultivate scientific and rational outlook in the students.
5. To create self sufficient, self-reliant and responsible citizens of thecountry.


1. To develop a quality system for conscious, consistent programmed action to improve the academic and administrative performance of our institution
2. To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internationalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.