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‘Bharat’: The College Magazine

With an objective to highlight various dimensions of college activities, the maiden issue of our magazine the ‘Bharat’ was launched in 1972. The magazine has achieved its position today as the voice of our organization. All the activities conducted during each academic year are highlighted to a great extent in all the issues published in the subsequent years. We present a glimpse of the activities of different departments and sections of our campus. In this context, the magazine takes a special privilege as a platform that highlights the essence of its rich and endowed diversity. As an integral part of this organization, the Editorial Board puts in earnest efforts to bring it into the complete magazine form for every two years. We solicit contributions and suggestions from our students and staff to make the magazine rich in content and presentation. We are optimistic that the staff and students enjoy contributing honestly to fulfill our passion for compiling and editing. We hope that the incessant zeal will trigger a change of tack to take SHSC towards the goal of quality education.

Research- MRP Completed by Dr. Bhandare

Research- MRP Completed by Dr. Tangawar.
Research- MRP Completed by Biradar Madam
Research- MRP Completed by Patil sir
Research- MRP Completed by Dr. Sushilprakash Chimore
MRP of Dr. Devshette P. M.

मराठवाडा के हिंदी का भाषावैज्ञानिक अध्ययन

मराठीत अनुवादित कन्नड वचन साहित्य

Contraction and Contractiv Single Valued Map in D-Metric Spaces for Fixed Point

स्वामी रामानंद तीर्थ मराठवाडा विद्यापीठातील आंतर महाविद्यालयीन क्रिडा स्पर्धेत महिला खेळाडूंचा अल्प सहभाग व पालकांच्या प्रवृत्तीचा एक चिकीत्सक अभ्यास

मसनजोगी जमतीचे लोकजीवन व लोकसाहित्याचा अभ्यास

Studies on the Nanostructured Metal Oxide Semiconductor Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications